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What is Community Futures?
Business Mentorship
Definition of being a mentor:
an adviser or guide
Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006
Benefits of being a mentor?
Benefits of using a mentor?
Interest in becoming a mentor? Please apply using the attached form
Mentor Application Form
Interested in applying for a mentor through the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program? Please apply using the attached form.
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program - Application for a mentor
Link for Mentorship Programs:
BizCoach Manitoba - A program through the Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre
Project Summary
Thought the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program funded Community Futures Manitoba Inc., Community Futures  East Interlake received funding for a pilot Mentorship Linkage Project. This project provided funding to develop mentoship tools and to find potential mentors in the East Interlake Region.
Community Futures East Interlake in partnership witht the Stonewall and Fisher Chambers of Commerce, will hold the following two events:
Stonewall & District Mentorship Linkage Meeting
Fisher Mentorship Linkage Meeting


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